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"I express the ravage of time and turn it into an original craft design art. Ranging from wild colors to monochrome pastels, I wish to bring joy and original creativity into every space so it will have a remarkable presence”

Tamar's studio is engaged to the research of new surfaces and prints which are a unique development in the contemporary craft world.


Born in 1984. A multi color Textile Artist and designer graduate of Shenkar College for engineering and design Israel in 2009 and a graduate with M.DES of Bezalel academy for Arts and Designs in 2016. Working from her studio in Tel Aviv, established in 2010, after completing her internship at the Swedish designer studio Diana Orving.


“The beauty of textile is that it can be anything" says Tamar. Artistic scarves, decorative pillow collections, commission wallpaper, crafted fabrics and unique artworks.


Each piece is Handmade in Tamar's studio, signed by her with a fine finish.


Tamar takes the benefits of the digital print technology and uses it to bring to life to her original and vivid collages made of organic materials inspired by landscapes and nature.


Tamar exhibits her artworks in galleries, museums and worldwide exhibitions such as: Salone del mobile, Eretz Israel museum, Philadelphia craft show and more.


Tamar collaborates with interior designers for private residences, hotels and offices, fashion brands and leading lifestyle companies.

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